Tecnofire Linear-type Optical Smoke Detector TFBD-OS | Tecnofire Detection

  • Linear-type optical smoke detector with point-to-point infrared or UV light
  • Multi-point configuration for enhanced detection capacity
  • Flexible configuration adaptable to architectural requirements
  • Sophisticated algorithm for precise signal mapping and control
  • Easy installation and alignment with wide reception angle
  • Simple settings via dip-switch technology
  • Dynamic sensitivity compensation for reliable performance
  • High false alarm immunity and certified safety standards


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    Introducing Tecnofire Linear-type Optical Smoke Detector TFBD-OS: Your Ultimate Fire Smoke Detector

    In a world where safety is paramount, trust Tecnofire Detection to deliver unparalleled protection with its cutting-edge Linear-type Optical Fire Smoke Detector TFBD-OS. Designed to detect smoke with precision, this advanced system offers peace of mind in any environment.

    Advanced Linear-Type Detection Technology

    Step into the future of fire safety with our Linear-type Optical Smoke Detector. Utilizing point-to-point infrared or UV light, this innovative system ensures early detection of smoke, minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents.

    Enhanced Detection Capacity with Multi-Point Configuration

    Experience superior detection capabilities with our multi-point configuration feature. By allowing up to 7 transmitters to communicate with a single receiver, our system significantly increases detection capacity, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your space.

    Flexible Configuration to Suit Any Environment

    Adaptability is key, and our Linear-type Smoke Detector offers unmatched configuration flexibility. Whether it’s a large open space or a complex architectural layout, our system seamlessly adjusts to meet your specific requirements.

    Sophisticated Algorithm for Signal Mapping and Control

    Stay one step ahead with our sophisticated receiver algorithm, which enables precise mapping and control of signals from the transmitters. With Tecnofire Detection, you can trust that every signal is analyzed with precision and accuracy.

    Easy Installation and Alignment for Hassle-Free Setup

    Say goodbye to complicated installations. Thanks to the wide reception angle of the receiver and user-friendly orientation facilities, our Linear-type Smoke Detector offers easy installation and alignment, saving you time and hassle.

    Simple Settings with Dip-Switch Technology

    Take control of your fire safety system with ease using our intuitive dip-switch technology. With simple settings at your fingertips, configuring your detector has never been simpler.

    Dynamic Sensitivity Compensation for Reliable Performance

    Rest assured knowing that our detector offers dynamic compensation for sensitivity deterioration due to dust deposits. Enjoy reliable performance and peace of mind, even in challenging environments.

    Certified Safety and Immunity

    Trust Tecnofire Detection for certified safety and immunity. Our Linear-type Smoke Detector meets stringent FM, UL, VDS, NF, CPD, EN 54-12 standards, with certification number 0333-CPD-075387, ensuring unmatched reliability and performance.

    Don’t wait until it’s too late! Upgrade your fire safety system with Tecnofire Detection today and experience the difference. Don’t put what matters most at risk. Protect your loved ones, your property, and your peace of mind with the advanced Linear-type Optical Smoke Detector TFBD-OS. Choose Tecnofire Detection for reliable and effective fire protection.

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