Tecnofire PSTN Telephone Communicator | Tecnofire Detection

The PSTN telephone communicator TFCOM with optional 3G interface expands the system’s communication vectors and protocols for the notification of alarms.

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    TFCOM is an addressable telephone communicator with on-board PSTN and optional GSM-GPRS interface. The communicator provides 8 channels for event notification and 1 call back channel for the connection with the monitoring station. Transmission formats: Voice, SMS, Ring, DTMF, Data – AES 128 bit and AES 256 bit data
    encryption – Independent passphrase for each channel – Self test of communication vectors, power supply, battery, serial bus communication – Front panel with 6 status LED-Failure output – Bay for 12V/7Ah battery – Integrated RSC® technology: programming, remote management of all functioning parameters – On-board fl ash memory for customization of the vocabulary (managed by PC as an external HDD) – USB port – RS485 serial connection – Surface mounting – IP30 – Metal casing – Dimensions (L x H x D) 315 x 255 x 82mm – Black color EN 54-21:2006 – Certifi cation number 0051-CPR-0454 (approved for use with TFA1-298, TFA2-596 and TFA4-1192 control panels)


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