Touch Screen | Tecnofire Detection | Repeater panel

Tecnofire TFT-7SC is repeater panel with 7 inch touch screen, voice synthesis function and optional floor plan management make decentralized alarm signaling and fire alarm system management easy and intuitive.

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    The TFT-7SC is a repeater panel with floor plan management. It provides the same features as the TFT-7C repeater panel and in addition the interactive management of floor plans. The repeater panel manages up to 32 floor plans, which are viewed according to different operating modes. On each floor plan, it is possible to position a total of 32 icons, which are associated to the devices of the system or function as navigation keys. In case of alarm, the floor plan corresponding to the place of origin of the alarm is automatically viewed. RS485 serial connection – Surface or flush mounting – Refined ultra-thin design – ABS V0 casing – IP40 – Dimensions (L x H x D) 225 x 157 x 35mm – Red cover plate


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