UV stabilized | Zeta Alarm Systems | Manual Call Point Cover

Key Attributes:

  • Easy, retrofit installation.
  • Flush or surface mounting options.
  • Break-seal mounting area for tamper prevention.
  • Colour-coded label option for clear instructions.
  • High-impact protection from front and side.
  • UV-stabilized for prolonged product life.
  • Manufactured in robust polycarbonate.

Ideal Protection for:

  • Manual Call Points, Emergency Stop Buttons, Door Release Buttons, and General Use Buttons or Key Switches.

Colour Label Options:

  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Clear for customization.

IP Rating:

  • Indoor use, with optional gasket upgrade for IP55 standards.

Application Areas:

  • Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Airports, Shopping Centers, Public & Office Buildings, Industrial Areas, Sports & Concert Arenas.
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    UV Stabilized Zeta Alarm System Manual Call Point Cover: Ultimate Protection with Unparalleled Features

    This compact yet robust protective manual call Point cover designed to be your primary defense, ensuring the safety of critical components during unforeseen events. Manufactured from UV-stabilized polycarbonate and stands tall as a formidable shield against impactful forces from various angles.

    Key Attributes:

    1. Easy, Retrofit Installation:

    Streamlining the installation process, this cover significantly reduces the time required for setup, enhancing overall efficiency.

    2. Flush or Surface Mounting Options:

    Versatility is at the core of its design, offering flexible mounting choices to suit diverse environments and requirements.

    3. Break-Seal Mounting Area:

    Providing tamper prevention capabilities, the break-seal mounting area ensures the cover’s integrity is maintained in all situations.

    4. Colour-Coded Label Option:

    Clear operating instructions are at your fingertips, with the option to choose color-coded labels, facilitating easy identification and usage.

    5. High Impact Protection:

    Shielding against impacts from both the front and side, this cover guarantees the utmost protection for vital components underneath.

    6. UV Stabilized:

    Manufactured with UV-stabilized polycarbonate, it enhances durability and prolongs the product’s life by safeguarding it from harmful UV rays.

    7. Manufactured in Robust Polycarbonate:

    Robust polycarbonate ensures the cover’s resilience, making it an enduring solution for demanding environments.

    Ideal Protection for:

    This cover is tailored for Manual Call Points, Emergency Stop Buttons, Emergency Door Release Buttons, and any general-use buttons or Key Switches.

    Color Label Options:

    Choose from various color options, including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Clear, allowing customization based on your specific needs.

    IP Rating:

    They are designed for indoor use, with the option to upgrade the gasket for compatibility with IP55 standards, ensuring protection against environmental factors.

    Application Areas:

    Ideally suited for Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Airports, Shopping Centers, Public & Office Buildings, Industrial Areas, Sports & Concert areas, this cover excels in various settings. Its adaptability makes it indispensable in ensuring critical systems’ safety and functionality in diverse environments.

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