Zeta Fyreye MkII Addressable Input Module With Isolator (ZAI-MI) | Alarm System

The ZAI-MI is an input module supplied in a modern enclosure (2 gang box size) with well protected electronic circuit board to minimize any damages during installation.
The ZAI-MI is used to monitor and raise alarm from any ancillary equipment such as sprinkler flow switch, aspiration detectors, secondary fire control panel, beam detectors, external power supplies etc.

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    Loop powered (60 devices per loop as maximum)
    Hand addressed using the
    8 way dip switch OR
    Softly addressed using our handheld MKII
    Programmer (part no. 48-004)
    Equipped with short circuit line isolator
    Extensive front unit indications

    Technical Specification:
    Model: ZAI-MI
    Part Number: 48-101
    Operating Voltage: 17-28V DC
    Quiescent Current: @ 24V 1.0mA
    Switch Input Closed (LED OFF) 1.25mA
    Switch Input Closed (LED ON) 3.60mA
    Isolating Current : 7.3mA
    Input End of Line : 20k
    Alarm Triggering Resistor : 1k
    Operating Temperature : -10°C to +55°C
    Max Humidity : 95% RH Non Condensing
    IP rating : IP21C
    Size (mm) 150 x 90 x 45
    Weight : 220g

    Front Unit Indications:
    Alarm :  Illuminated red when the Input Module is in alarm
    Fault : Illuminated yellow when the Input Module is in fault
    Polling : Flashed green when the Input Module communication with panel
    Isolating : Illuminated yellow when the loop is short or wrong connection circuit

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