Zeta UV/IR | Zeta Alarm System | Flame Detector

The new range of UV/IR and Triple IR Flame Detectors detect fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms. The ZT-30P can detect a 0.1m2 gasoline pan fire at 30m in less than 5 seconds.
New features include RS484/RS232 compatabilities for digital communications; lower power requirements; and a compact, lighter design.

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    Triple IR Spectrum – for longer distance detection and high false alarm immunity
     Compact and lightweight design
     User Selectable (Senitivity/Functions)
     Multiple output options
    – Relays for Alarm and Fault
    – 0-20mA (stepped)
    – RS-485/RS-232 spectrum monitoring
     Lower power requirement
    (35mA – standby / 75mA – alarm)
    Ex cable gland /2 metre cable assembled &
    provided for users’ easy installation
    – ATEX approved by DNV for explosion-proof
    – CE marking

    Non-Hazardous Areas
    Semiconductor Process Equipments
    Waste disposal facilities
    Storage facilities

    Technical Specification:
    Part Number 47-156 
    Spectrum Response Three IR Bands (IR3) UV/IR 
    Spectrum Response (at highest sensitivity setting for 0.1m2 pan fire) : 
    Fuel & Distance: 
    n-Heptane 65m
    Gasoline 65m
    Diesel 45m
    LPG* 30m
    Ethanol 40m
    IPA 40m
    Methane** 35m
    *0.5m high/0.2m width plume fire, **30” plume fire
    Response Time : Typically 5 seconds
    Adjustable Time Delay : Up to 20 seconds
    Sensitivity Range : 4 sensitivity ranges for 0.1m2 n-Heptane pan fire from 15m to 65m
    Field of View Horizontal / Vertically : Typical 120º & 120º Max 
    Built-in-Test : Automatic self-check to verify the lens cleanliness/ electronic circuits & etc
    Temperature Range : Operating/Storage:-40ºC to 75ºC
    Humidity : Up to 95% non-condensing
    Operating Voltage : 24VDC nominal (18-32VDC) 
    Power Consumption Standby: max. 50mA, Alarm: max. 70mA
    Electrical Interface : 4-Wiring relay contact outputs
    Relays Alarm(N.O.), Fault(N.C) SPST volt-free contacts rated 5A at 30VDC or 250VAC
    Water and Dust : IP65
    Hazardous Area:  N/A 
    Performance : Designed to meet FM3260 (EN54-10)

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