Fire Protection Engineering & Design

Fire Protection Engineering & Design

Every building needs protection from a fire outbreak. The sole objective of Fire Protection Engineering and Design is to limit the risk of fire by closing all the loopholes that can expedite the process, ensuring that individuals and assets in a building are secured.

H2AIM is an expert in providing fire protection engineering and design services to clients in a variety of sectors. Our cutting-edge fire protection solutions are highly effective for preventing and mitigating all kinds of explosions and fire hazards.

Our Engineering Services consist of

Design and hydraulic calculations of gaseous, sprinkler, foam and water-based extinguishing systems

Development of fire protection system design drawings and specifications as well as product selection.

Our Fire Protection Engineering & Design Solutions involve

Fire Modelling and Testing

This is a common method used to forecast the spread of smoke and heat from fires in built environments.

Fire Alarm and Mass Notification

This is a typical alarm system installed in a building or an area to give audible and/or visible notifications of an outbreak of fire in that particular building or area.

Fire Risk Assessment

H2AIM uses this evaluation approach to determine the possibility of a fire outbreak in the workplace.

Facility Assessments, Surveys and Analysis

We apply a set of safety processes that are crucial in optimizing the lifespan of new and existing structures. They also play a key role in safeguarding the health and safety of the community at large.

Fire and Gas Detection Mapping Study

Our panel of industry experts usually conduct this type of analysis to verify competence and effectiveness of coverage offered by fire and gas detectors, in correspondence with the hazards present within a facility.

Fire Safety Audit

A particular audit process to evaluate an organization’s premises and significant documents, usually performed by our expert fire safety inspectors, to detect how the premises are managed from the fire safety perspective.

Fire-Water Network Analysis

H2AIM applies this method to check the water flow in each line and pressure in each node as per the regulatory standards.

Fire and Building Code Agreement and Gap Analysis

This is one of our unique ways of comparing actual performance with potential or desired performance in the management of fire safety.