Industrial Safety Training

Industrial Safety Training

Industrial safety training courses consist of a variety of topics that are designed to train your workers on vital safety procedures. Safety training not only enables organizations to maintain regulatory compliance but also helps keep employee morale and well-being, improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

H2AIM provides both standard and customized industrial safety training courses that are specially designed to meet the varied workplace requirements of today’s international training standards. Our cost-efficient fire and safety certificate course are conducted in accordance with the Civil Defense emergency management framework in the UAE.

Our Industrial Training Courses encompass

Firefighting Training

H2AIM offers this course in fire awareness which is conducted to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to detect, recognize, limit, control and extinguish a fire.

Various Safety Certification Exam Courses

These courses are designed by our industry experts to help employees focus on analyzing and reducing the risk caused by a fire at the workplace.

General Industry Training

This is a safety awareness credential offered by H2AIM for employees or individuals who seek jobs in a maintenance, manufacturing, construction sector.

ISO Certified Training

We provide a set of ISO certified training programs that can help a candidate demonstrate his or her ability as an auditor and achieve professional recognition as a certified auditor.

Oil & Gas/Energy Industry Training

We specially created these essential training programs to help individuals acquire the relevant the skills, knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and concepts required to boost their personal and professional performance in the oil and gas industry.

H2S & BA Training

H2AIM offers H2S and BA training for workers who risk exposure to hydrogen sulphide (H2S) contamination at work. This specific course can help workers detect and measure the flammable gas, and prepare them for the correct emergency response to an H2S leak.

First Aid Courses/Training

This is an important training provided by H2AIM that teaches the immediate care given to an individual who is injured or who unexpectedly becomes unwell before the emergency services arrive.

HSE Courses/Training

We provide HSE training programs that employ a methodical approach to address different aspects of workplace safety that affect the health and well-being of employees in an organization.

IOSH/OSHA Certified courses

Our IOSH/OSHA certified courses enclose official certificates of competency that are an essential part of the health and safety sector.

IADC Certified Courses

HEAIM offers IADC certified courses that aim to teach the basic concepts in the petroleum industry, including drilling operations and production operations.