Steel Cap Safety Shoes – Border

  • Black Leather Upper
  • Oil-Acid-Alkali Resistant PU Sole
  • Nail Proof
  • Steel Mid-Sole
  • Steel Toe Cap 200J
  • Standard SBP

AED 40.00

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The Border Steel Cap Safety Shoes epitomize several pivotal characteristics crucial for professionals operating in hazardous environments:

Durability and Strength: Sporting a robust Black Leather Upper, these shoes promise exceptional longevity and resilience. Crafted meticulously, the durable leather ensures lasting wear, making these shoes suitable for demanding work settings. Moreover, their sleek design offers a professional appearance and guarantees durability in the face of challenging conditions.

Enhanced Safety Measures: The Oil-Acid-Alkali Resistant PU Sole is a standout feature, ensuring superior protection against various hazardous substances. Its resistance to oils, acids, and alkalis boosts safety and provides stability, ensuring secure footing even on slippery surfaces and fostering confidence in navigating diverse terrains.

Unmatched Protection: These shoes provide unparalleled safety with a Nail-proof design, reinforced by a Steel Mid-Sole and Toe Cap offering 200J impact resistance. The steel reinforcement effectively shields against sharp objects, rendering them a vital asset in high-risk environments.

Compliance and Certification: Meeting the Standard SBP, these shoes prioritize user safety. This certification ensures conformity to stringent safety standards, assuring comprehensive protection against punctures and impacts, providing a secure and safe experience in challenging work environments.

Ergonomic Design: These shoes are crafted to minimize strain and fatigue during extended work hours by effectively balancing Comfort and Functionality. The ergonomic construction lets wearers focus on tasks without compromising comfort, facilitating a seamless transition between job requirements.

Versatile Application: These safety shoes are adaptable across diverse industries, from construction to manufacturing and logistics. Their blend of durability, safety features, and comfort makes them ideal for professionals seeking optimal protection without compromising style or functionality.

The Border Steel Cap Safety Shoes are synonymous with robustness, offering steel reinforcement, an acid-resistant sole, and SBP standard compliance. They are indispensable for professionals navigating hazardous workspaces, ensuring superior safety and reliability.

Additional information

Weight 1.20 kg
Dimensions 310 × 200 × 120 cm

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