BSW Work Safety Shoes

  • Cow leather
  • Mesh Lining
  • European standard steel toe cap
  • European standard steel plate
  • PU injection Sole
  • Confines to EN ISO 20344:2011 & EN ISO 20345:2011
  • Standard: S1P Standard
  • SKU: safetyshoes6
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  • Brand:Border

    AED 70.00

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    Introducing the BSW Work Safety Shoes, a pinnacle of durability and comfort, designed to thrive in demanding work settings:

    Durability Redefined: Premium Cow Leather

    Enter the realm of durability with confidence by wearing our BSW Safety Shoes, meticulously crafted from premium-grade Cow Leather. Engineered to withstand the most challenging work environments, this high-quality material ensures exceptional longevity and resilience. Moreover, the Cow Leather upper acts as a formidable shield against abrasions and wear-and-tear, ensuring steadfast durability during prolonged workdays.

    Breathable Comfort: Enhanced by Mesh Lining

    Experience unparalleled breathability with the Mesh Lining integrated into our BSW Safety Shoes. Tailored to keep your feet cool and comfortable, this innovative feature optimizes airflow, effectively preventing moisture buildup and enhancing overall comfort. Consequently, revel in sustained freshness and productivity throughout your workday.

    Unrivaled Protection: European Standard Steel Toe Cap and Plate

    Our safety shoes boast a European standard Steel Toe Cap and Plate, delivering unmatched protection against impacts and punctures in hazardous work environments. Specifically engineered to meet stringent safety requirements, these features provide robust shielding against potential workplace hazards, ensuring peace of mind even in the most demanding work conditions.

    Optimal Stability and Performance: PU Injection Sole

    The PU Injection Sole offers an ideal fusion of stability, flexibility, and durability. Purpose-built to withstand diverse conditions, this sole delivers exceptional traction and support, enhancing stability while effectively preventing slips. Its flexible yet durable nature guarantees consistent performance in dynamic work settings, assuring reliability and comfort with every step.

    Stringent Safety Compliance: EN ISO 20344:2011 & EN ISO 20345:2011

    Compliant with rigorous safety regulations such as EN ISO 20344:2011 and EN ISO 20345:2011, our shoes prioritize safety without compromising comfort or functionality. Adhering meticulously to these stringent standards ensures that every aspect of the shoe meets required safety protocols, instilling absolute confidence in their protective capabilities.

    Industry-Leading Standard: S1P Standard

    Meeting the S1P Standard, our Safety Shoes guarantee optimal safety measures, making them an exemplary choice for diverse industrial settings. Furthermore, this industry-leading standard surpasses basic safety requirements, delivering footwear that ensures safety, comfort, and performance without compromise.

    In conclusion, our BSW Safety Shoes epitomize unmatched durability, superior protection, and uncompromising comfort. Precision-engineered and designed for excellence, these shoes stand as the perfect choice for individuals seeking footwear that seamlessly blends safety, durability, and comfort in every step.

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    Weight 1.80 kg
    Dimensions 350 × 225 × 135 cm

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