Detection Zone Output Card | fire  detection  and  alarm

• Activates relay output contacts when the control
and indicating equipment enters the Alarm
Condition for the designated detection zone
• Eight assignable voltage-free relay output
• Normally-open and normally-closed relay outputs
• Jumper-configurable to operate with detection
zones 1 – 8 or 9 – 16
• Connects to MPX bus
• Powered from external DC 24 V supply

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    The  6001  detection  zone  8-relay  output  card 
    provides  relay  output  contacts  that  activate  when 
    the  associated  control  and  indicating  equipment 
    detection  zone  displays  an  Alarm  Condition. 
    Each  6001  detection  zone  8-relay  output  card 
    provides  normally-open  and  normally-closed 
    voltage-tree  output  contacts.
    6001  detection  zone  8-relay  output  cards  provide fire  detection  and  alarm  system  designers  with  a lfexible  solution  for  life  safety  and  property
    protection  applications.


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