DUGRIP Durable Grip | Grey & Black | Safety Gloves

Construction Material- Cotton / Spandex make glove
highly comfort
Comfort Fit- 15GG seamless shell construction
provides great wear fit
Coating Profile- Ultra-Fine Foam Nitrile provide
excellent Tactile grip in dry / oily conditions

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    TS DUGRIP-Durable Grip Gloves of Safety: Elevate Comfort and Tactile Grip

    Innovative Comfort Construction: Supreme Comfort with Cotton/Spandex

    It features a unique blend of cotton and spandex. The gloves of safety ensure not just comfort but also provide flexibility and breathability, making them the preferred choice for extended safety wear.

    Exceptional Fit: 15GG Seamless Shell Construction Ensures Comfort

    Ensures a comfortable fit beyond expectations with the 15GG seamless shell construction. Meticulously designed, these gloves conform seamlessly to your hands, providing unmatched comfort during extended use.

    Advanced Tactile Grip: Achieve Superiority with Ultra-Fine Foam Nitrile Coating

    Boasts an Ultra-Fine Foam Nitrile coating, setting these gloves apart regarding tactile grip. Whether in dry or oily conditions, these gloves deliver an exceptional grip, ensuring optimal performance and safety in diverse work environments.

    TS DUGRIP-Durable Grip Features: Unveiling Unparalleled Durability

    • 15GG S&P Seamless Shell:
      • Contributes to these safety gloves’ overall durability and wearability with the distinctive 15GG S&P seamless shell construction.
    • Black Ultra-Fine Foam Nitrile Coated Palm:
      • Coat the palm of the gloves with black Ultra-Fine Foam Nitrile, adding a layer of durability and ensuring a superior grip in various working conditions.

    Versatile Comfort and Grip: Redefining Safety Standards

    Combine Cotton/Spandex construction and Ultra-Fine Foam Nitrile coating for gloves that provide exceptional comfort and a superior tactile grip. Whether working in dry or oily conditions, TS DUGRIP-Durable Grip Gloves ensure your hands are well-protected without compromising performance.

    Embrace active safety with TS DUGRIP-Durable Grip Gloves, where comfort meets superior tactile grip for an unparalleled safety experience.


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