Firex Portable Fire Extinguisher |CO2 Fire Extinguisher| Dry Powder Fire Extingusher

  • Versatile Fire Suppression: CO2 for electrical fires, Dry Powder for diverse fire scenarios.
  • Robust and Portable: Compact design for easy storage and swift deployment.
  • User-Friendly: Simple operation ensures quick access during emergencies.
  • Compliance and Safety: Meets industry standards, and undergoes rigorous testing.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Offers reliable fire suppression for various fire classes.
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  • AED 48.00

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    The Firex Portable Fire Extinguisher is a vital safety device designed to tackle many flames with unrivaled efficiency. These extinguishers, which come in CO2 and Dry Powder, enable quick and effective fire suppression, protecting lives and property.

    Superior Capabilities: The CO2 version is designed to extinguish flames caused by flammable liquids, gasses, and electrical equipment. Because it is non-conductive and residue-free, it is great for electrical fires, assuring safety without inflicting harm.

    The Dry Powder version, on the other hand, is very adaptable. It efficiently combats flames involving combustible substances, liquids, gasses, and electrical equipment.  Additionally, its broad application makes it an essential safety precaution in Several fire scenarios.

    Robust and Portable Fire Extinguisher Design: Both variants feature a robust and portable design, allowing easy handling and swift deployment during fire emergencies. Their compact structure ensures effortless storage in homes, offices, or vehicles, providing peace of mind in fire-prone environments.

    Easy-to-Use and Reliable:  Both types have a sturdy and portable structure that allows for simple handling and quick deployment in the event of a fire. Their tiny design allows for easy storage in homes, businesses, or automobiles, offering peace of mind in fire-prone areas.

    Approved Safety Standards: Both CO2 and Dry Powder versions meet high safety requirements and regulations. Also, assuring dependability and efficacy in emergency situations. These extinguishers are rigorously tested to ensure that they fulfill industry requirements for safety and performance.

    Comprehensive Protection:  Firex portable fire extinguishers made from high-quality materials and use cutting-edge technology. Therefore, to provide full protection against various fire classes.  These extinguishers serve as trusted guardians against everything from little residential fires to major industrial crises.

    The Firex Portable Fire Extinguisher, which is available in CO2 and Dry Powder versions, is a dependable and necessary safety item.

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