Foam Fire Hose Cabinet | Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Available with 1 1/4 & 11/2 with 15m to 30m hoses detachable rewinding handle
  • Material: SS316/Mild Steel
  • Optional: Trolly unit & Cabinet
  • Application Site: For use in drilling areas, production helideck and industrial sites.
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    FOAM FIREHOSE CABINET: Swift and Efficient Class A.13 Fire Response

    Far-Reaching Attack Capability: Quelling Class A.13 Fires Within Seconds

    This Foam Firehose Cabinet is designed for rapid response and exhibits exceptional effectiveness in extinguishing Class A.13 fires within seconds. Its swift action makes it a crucial tool for single-man operations, ensuring immediate and decisive fire control.

    Tailored for Single-Man Operation: Unmatched Efficiency in High-Risk Areas

    Crafted for single-person handling, this fire hose cabinet ensures high efficiency, particularly in critical environments like gas stations, petrochemical plants, industrial premises, warehouses, and other areas demanding swift and adequate fire protection. It stands as a reliable guardian against potential threats.

    Detachable Rewinding Handle: Flexibility in Hose Management

    Available with 1 1/4″ & 1 1/2″ hoses ranging from 15m to 30m, this Foam Fire Hose Cabinet features a detachable rewinding handle for ease of use and efficient hose management. The flexibility it offers enhances the cabinet’s adaptability to diverse firefighting scenarios.

    Material Excellence: Sturdy SS316/Mild Steel Construction

    Crafted from SS316/Mild Steel, this fire hose cabinet ensures durability and resilience. The robust material adds to its reliability in challenging environments, making it a dependable solution for firefighting needs.

    Optional Trolley Unit & Cabinet: Customizable for Varied Applications

    The Foam Fire Hose Cabinet provides optional accessories such as a trolley unit and cabinet for enhanced convenience. This customization accommodates specific requirements, making it suitable for various applications, including drilling areas, production helidecks, and industrial sites.

    Application Versatility: Safeguarding Critical Sites

    The Foam Fire Hose Cabinet applies in crucial sites such as drilling areas, production helidecks, and industrial locations. Its versatile design and rapid response capabilities make it an indispensable tool for safeguarding against potential fire risks in diverse settings.

    Unleash Swift and Effective Fire Control

    Incorporate the Foam Fire Hose Cabinet into your firefighting arsenal for rapid and efficient response to Class A.13 fires. Its single-man operation, detachable rewinding handle, and material excellence make it a dependable choice for safeguarding critical sites and ensuring prompt fire control in high-risk environments.


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