GI Nut Bolt Washer

  • Versatile Use in Nut and Bolt Applications
  • Expanded Bearing Surface
  • Commonly Employed in Construction
  • Strengthen Structural Assemblies
  • Even Load Distribution
  • Durable Build for Longevity
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  • AED 8.00

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    GI Nut Bolt Washer for Multifaceted Applications

    It stands as a key component in applications requiring nuts and bolts. Carefully crafted to provide increased stability and durability, these washers play a pivotal role in reinforcing the structural integrity of assemblies.

    Essential Component for Nuts and Bolts: Serving as a necessary accessory with nuts and bolts. Moreover, it facilitates robust connections. Its incorporation ensures an even load distribution, providing enhanced stability and reliability to various assemblies.

    Expanded Bearing Surface for Durability: This washer significantly enlarges the bearing surface with its flat design, effectively mitigating the nut or bolt head tear-through risk. Therefore, this feature prevents damage to materials, ensuring long-term structural integrity in diverse applications.

    Versatile Applications in Construction: Flat washers are widespread, especially in construction applications such as decks and fence building. These washers are critical in fortifying connections, securing materials, and enhancing overall stability.

    Robust Build for Longevity: Made with durable components., these washers are engineered to withstand varying environmental conditions and offer prolonged service life in diverse applications.

    Embrace the reliability and versatility of GI nut bolt washers, essential components that fortify connections, prevent material damage, and ensure long-term stability. Experience their enhanced load distribution capabilities, offering steadfast support and durability in numerous construction applications.

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    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 19 × 7.62 × 5 cm

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