Numens 621  Analogue Addressable Single input/output Module

  • Single voltage-free relay output.
  • output relay can be powered internally or externally to conserve loop power load (selectable at installation)
  • single input for connection to dry contact inputs
  • monitors and signals three distinct input states (normal, alarm, and open-circuit)
  • polling indicator shoes quiescent operation.
  • Separate indicators for quiescent, alarm, and fault conditions.
  • surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board, design
  • DC 24 V operation
  • Easy installation with simple address setting DIP switched
  • convenient 2-wire connection
  • Available with 125 usable address settings per loop when connected to Numens control and indicating equipment
  • Low maintenance


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    Description Numens 621 for NDT Testing

    The Numens 621 Analogue Addressable Single Input/Output Module is a pinnacle of advanced safety and control integration and NDT testing. This cutting-edge module merges sophisticated technology with intuitive design, offering unparalleled performance and ease of use for your system.


    • Single Voltage-Free Relay Output: Complete control over connected devices with a singular, adaptable relay output.
    • Internal or External Powering: Flexibility to power the output relay internally or externally, selectable upon installation, optimizing loop power load.
    • Tailored Input Connectivity: Single input designed for dry contact connections, monitoring and signaling three distinct input states: normal, alarm, and open-circuit.
    • Polling Indicator for Quiescent Operation: Visual cues for seamless and active monitoring during quiescent states.
    • Comprehensive Indicators: Separate indicators for quiescent, alarm, and fault conditions ensure comprehensive visibility.
    • SMD Circuit Board Design: Reliable, precision-based operation with a surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design.
    • DC 24V Operation: Consistent and reliable performance is guaranteed with DC 24V operation.
    • Easy Installation: Simple address setting DIP switches and convenient 2-wire connection facilitate effortless installation.
    • Extensive Address Settings: When connected to Numens control and indicating equipment, unlock up to 125 usable address settings per loop.
    • Low Maintenance: Designed for minimal upkeep, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.



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