TS Winter Gloves | Orange & White | Safety Gloves

  • 7GG Orange & White thermal seamless terry brush shell with Orange Wrinkle Foam Latex coated knuckle
  • Designed for cold and wet conditions, providing warmth and excellent grip
  • Polyester Terry Brush material offers fair cold protection
  • 7GG seamless shell construction ensures a comfortable fit
  • Wrinkle Foam Latex coating guarantees superior grip, particularly in wet environments
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    TS Winter Gloves: Ideal for Cold Weather Conditions

    Advanced Design for Chilly Environments

    The TS Winter Gloves feature a 7GG Orange & White thermal seamless terry brush shell complemented by an Orange Wrinkle Foam Latex coated knuckle, ensuring superior performance in cold weather. This eco-friendly design guarantees both warmth and reliability.

    Construction Material for Cold Protection

    Constructed with Polyester Terry Brush material, these gloves offer fair protection against cold temperatures, providing comfort and functionality in chilly climates.

    Comfortable Fit for Extended Wear

    The 7GG seamless shell construction ensures a comfortable fit, allowing for ease of wear during tasks. This design not only offers adequate insulation but also provides flexibility for various hand sizes.

    Superior Coating Profile for Enhanced Grip

    Equipped with a Wrinkle Foam Latex coating, these gloves deliver excellent grip, especially in wet conditions. The wrinkle texture enhances friction, ensuring a secure hold on objects even in damp environments.

    Unparalleled Performance in Challenging Environments

    Tailored for Cold Weather Comfort

    Crafted specifically for cold weather conditions, the TS Winter Gloves’ seamless terry brush shell and Wrinkle Foam Latex coating offer both warmth and a firm grip, ensuring efficiency even in low temperatures.

    Optimal Protection and Comfort

    The use of Polyester Terry Brush material balances protection and comfort, offering sufficient insulation against cold while maintaining flexibility for comfortable wear.

    Reliable Grip in Moist Environments

    The Wrinkle Foam Latex coating enhances grip, making these gloves an ideal choice for wet environments. The textured surface provides a secure hold, allowing confident handling even in moist conditions.

    Versatile Gloves for Cold Weather Tasks

    Enhanced Warmth and Grip

    Combining warmth and grip, these gloves are ideal for various tasks in cold and wet conditions. The combination of material and coating ensures optimal performance in challenging environments.


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