Phoenix | black leather shoes | Safety Shoes

  • Crafted from flame-retardant full-grain black leather with FR thread stitching
  • Equipped with a protective fibreglass toecap and a flexible midsole for anti-penetration
  • Features a moisture-wicking, breathable mesh fabric lining
  • Boasts a FORCE10® solid nitrile rubber outsole, rigorously tested for exceptional abrasion, heat, and cold resistance
  • Incorporates an Ortholite® climate breathable footbed for enhanced comfort
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    Phoenix Black Leather Shoes: Safety Shoes with Unmatched Durability and Protection 

    Inferno-Resistant Leather Craftsmanship:

    Experience superior safety without compromising style. The PHOENIX black leather shoes boast flame-retardant full-grain leather stitched with FR thread. This enhances the sleek black aesthetics and ensures resilience in the face of molten splashes, withstanding temperatures as high as 1400°C.

    Advanced Protective Features:

    1. Flame-Defying Composition:
      • Crafted with specialized FR leather and coated with flame-resistant stitching, the Phoenix shoes are engineered to resist and withstand extreme heat conditions.
    2. Shielding Your Every Step:
      • A protective fiberglass toecap and a composite anti-penetration flexi-midsole provide a robust shield against potential hazards in industrial environments.

    Comfort Beyond the Ordinary:

    1. Moisture-Wicking Breathability:
      • The moisture-wicking, breathable mesh fabric lining ensures comfort by keeping your feet dry even in demanding work conditions.
    2. Ortholite® Climate Breathable Footbed:
      • Experience superior comfort with the Ortholite® climate breathable footbed, designed for optimal airflow and cushioning.

    FORCE10® Solid Nitrile Rubber Outsole:

    The Phoenix Safety Shoes feature a FORCE10® solid nitrile rubber outsole, meticulously tested to extraordinary abrasion, heat, and cold performance. This ensures your footwear meets standards and exceeds them, providing a foundation of reliability and durability.

    Certified Foundry Boot:

    1. Specialist Durability Materials:
      • Developed as a foundry boot, the Phoenix incorporates specialist durability materials, ensuring resilience in harsh industrial environments.
    2. Certified to Withstand Molten Splashes:
      • Phoenix is certified to withstand molten splashes reaching temperatures as high as 1400°C, attesting to its exceptional protective capabilities.

    Phoenix Safety Shoes redefines safety and durability in the industrial footwear landscape. From the flame-retardant leather to the FORCE10® outsole, every feature is meticulously crafted to provide protection and unparalleled comfort for those who work in the most demanding environments. Step confidently into a new standard of safety with Phoenix.


    Rock Fall

    Rock Fall


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