Pumping Stations | Micro Pump Station | Fire Protection

  • Ensures smooth operation for saving lives and property
  • Outlet pressure: 100 – 150 bar
  • Flow rates: 48 litres/min/pump at 1500 rpm, 75 litres/min/pump (optional) at 2200 rpm
  • Power consumption: 11 to 16 kw/pump/standard 50Hz
  • Voltage Supply: 3 x 400 VAC 50Hz (or 3 x 440 VAC 60Hz)
  • Advanced control system with PLC for seamless integration
  • Ultra Fog pump station delivers water at system pressure of 60 to 140 bar
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    Pumping Stations: Sprinkler System Micro Pump Station

    In the realm of fire extinction systems, the paramount goal is safeguarding lives and property. With this principle at the core, it strive to design, deliver, and install systems and services of unparalleled quality and functionality for pumping stations.

    Technical Data for Optimal Performance

    To ensure seamless operation and effective fire suppression, our Micro Pump Station boasts impressive technical specifications:

    • Outlet pressure: Ranging from 100 to 150 bar, providing robust force for extinguishing fires.
    • Flow rates: At 1500 rpm, each pump delivers 48 litres per minute, ensuring ample water supply for suppression efforts.
    • Optional high-speed mode: At 2200 rpm, flow rates increase to 75 litres per minute per pump, with precise frequency control.
    • Power consumption: Each pump consumes 11 to 16 kilowatts under standard 50Hz conditions, offering efficient energy usage.
    • Voltage Supply: Supported by a stable 3-phase 400 VAC 50Hz (or 3-phase 440 VAC 60Hz) power source.
    • Advanced control system: Equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), facilitating seamless integration with various system components such as section valves, fire alarm systems, and feeder pumps.

    Reliable Water Delivery for Fire Suppression

    Ultra Fog pump station ensures dependable water delivery to the nozzles, maintaining a system pressure range of 60 to 140 bar. This ensures the efficient dispersal of water for extinguishing fires effectively and swiftly.

    Elevate the safety and functionality of your fire suppression system with the Micro Pump Station. Backed by robust engineering and meticulous attention to detail, it stands as a cornerstone in protecting lives and property from the ravages of fire.


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