Remote Indicator | Safety equipment | Detector

  • Enhanced Visibility: Bright indicator light for quick identification of alarm conditions.
  • Wide Operating Voltage: Compatible with various electrical systems.
  • Easy Installation: No adjustments required, making setup hassle-free.
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  • Brand:NUMENS

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    Remote Indicator: Numen’s Solution for Enhanced Alarm Visibility

    Introduction: Numen’s 681 Remote Indicator is a cutting-edge device designed to significantly improve alarm visibility in any environment. It plays a crucial role in identifying detectors in alarm situations, especially when they are not easily visible within a building.


    1. Enhanced Visibility: The Numen 681 ensures that alarm conditions are promptly identified and addressed. Its bright and easily visible indicator light makes it effortless to spot when the detector is in alarm mode.
    2. Wide Operating Voltage: With a wide operating voltage range, this remote indicator is compatible with various electrical systems, providing versatility and reliability across different setups.
    3. Simple Installation: Installing the Numen 681 Remote Indicator is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. No adjustments are required, making it an ideal choice for quick and hassle-free setup.

    Stay ahead of potential hazards with The Numen 681. Its advanced features and seamless operation make it an essential component for enhancing safety and security in any building or facility.





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