6001 Addressable DC Repeater Panel |  Indicating equipment

  • Extends functionality of 6001 addressable control panels
  • Compatible with Numens 6001 control panels
  • Powered by existing DC 24V supply
  • Networkable, accommodating up to 4 control panels
  • Backlight LCD display with 4 rows of 40 characters
  • 16 zone fire alarm LED indicators
  • Attractive white designer enclosure
  • Recessed mounting for a tidy installation
  • Easy setup with default configuration programming
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  • Brand:NUMENS

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    Elevate Your Fire Safety System with the 6001 Addressable DC Repeater Panel

    Enhance the efficiency of your fire alarm system with the advanced 6001 Addressable DC Repeater Panel. Designed to extend the functionality of the 6001 addressable control and indicating equipment display to a remote location, this repeater panel seamlessly integrates with all Numens 6001 control panels and can be powered from the existing DC 24V supply.

    Superior Features for Enhanced Protection

    Experience unparalleled flexibility and expandability with the 6001 Addressable DC Repeater Panel, offering a range of high-quality features:

    • Networkable:

    Expand your system to accommodate up to 4 control panels, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

    • Backlight LCD Display:

    Enjoy crystal-clear visibility with a backlight LCD that provides 4 rows of 40 characters, enabling easy monitoring and quick identification of vital information.

    • 16 Zone Fire Alarm LED Indicators:

    Stay informed at a glance with 16 zone fire alarm LED indicators, allowing for swift identification of specific zones for prompt action.

    • Attractive Designer Enclosure:

    Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your installation with an attractive designer enclosure available in white, blending seamlessly with any environment.

    • Recessed Mounting:

    Achieve a sleek and professional installation with the recessed mounting option, ensuring a tidy and unobtrusive placement.

    • Easy Installation:

    Simplify setup and deployment with default configuration programming that facilitates out-of-the-box installation and rapid commissioning.

    Elevate your fire safety system with the 6001 Addressable DC Repeater Panel, a reliable and efficient solution that offers enhanced protection for your property. For comprehensive specifications and further details, consult datasheet 31-0054.





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