Heat resistant gloves | Hand Protectors | S57800

  • Construction Material- Para-Aramid and Cotton-lined
  • 932 ℉ Heat Resistant
  • Comfort Fit- 7GG seamless shell construction
  • provides fair wear fit
  • Coating Profile- Silicone Pattern provide strong grip
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    Heat resistant gloves: TS GENERL-General Purpose, Oven Glove, Outer Shell 7GG
    Para-Aramid lined, Inner Shell 7GG Cotton lined. Palm & BOH Silicone Pattern.

    Construction Material: Para-Aramid and Cotton Blend for Extreme Heat Resistance

    Embark on unparalleled heat protection. Firstly, the Para-Aramid and Cotton lined construction material guarantees a remarkable 932 ℉ heat resistance, ensuring your hands remain shielded even in the most extreme heat-intensive environments.

    Comfort Fit: Precision 7GG Seamless Shell Construction

    Experience a glove that offers both protection and comfort. Moreover, the 7GG seamless shell construction ensures a fair wear fit, providing optimal comfort while retaining flexibility and dexterity for various tasks.

    Coating Profile: Silicone Pattern for Enhanced Heat Resistance and Robust Grip

    Elevate your grip and heat resistance to a new level. Additionally, the Silicone Pattern coating profile delivers exceptional heat resistance and offers a robust grip, ensuring stability and control in demanding high-temperature conditions.

    • The Para-Aramid and Cotton gloves redefine heat protection. Primarily, the construction material blends Para-Aramid and Cotton, ensuring a remarkable 932 ℉ heat resistance, making these gloves a reliable shield against extreme heat exposure.
    • The 7GG seamless shell construction ensures a glove that doesn’t compromise comfort while providing a fair wear fit. Consequently, this construction method offers flexibility and adaptability, allowing you to perform tasks while keeping your hands protected easily.
    • The Silicone Pattern coating profile stands out for its exceptional heat resistance and robust grip. Notably, this feature enhances heat resistance and ensures a strong grip, providing stability and control even in high-temperature environments.
    • The combination of Para-Aramid and Cotton lining material guarantees extraordinary Heat resistant gloves, making these gloves an ideal choice for tasks involving extreme heat exposure. Furthermore, the 7GG seamless shell construction ensures comfort without compromising on protection.


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