Silverstone Safety Shoes | Without Laces | Pezzol

– Microtech material for water resistance
– Spyder Net three-dimensional textile for a secure fit
– Tyre Pu-Pu SRC sole for stability and traction
– Fiberglass reinforcement for durability and lightweight design
– EN ISO 20345:2011 certification for safety standards
– T-01 model for a blend of style and functionality

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    Introducing Silverstone Safety Shoes: Safety Shoes Without Lace

    Get ready for safety with the Silverstone Safety Shoes. These shoes are perfect for individuals who want a combination of fashion, protection, and comfort, as they are safety shoes without lace. The Silverstone redefines workplace footwear by incorporating state-of-the-art technology and innovative features that prioritize safety and style.

    Microtech Material

    Crafted from high-quality Microtech material, these water-resistant safety shoes ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable in any working condition. These shoes will keep your feet protected from spills, mud, and moisture.

    Spyder Net Three-Dimensional Textile

    Including Spyder Net’s three-dimensional textile ensures a secure and customized fit for your feet. This advanced technology provides flexibility and breathability, allowing you to move quickly while staying cool throughout the day.

    Tyre Pu-Pu SRC Sole

    The Tyre Pu-Pu SRC sole of Silverstone Safety Shoes offers unbeatable stability and traction, keeping you grounded on various surfaces. No matter the terrain, you can rely on these shoes to provide a firm grip and prevent slips or falls.

    Fiberglass Reinforcement

    Protect your feet from potential hazards with our fiberglass-reinforced safety shoes. For instance, these shoes are built to be both durable and lightweight, allowing you to move swiftly and confidently. With an extra layer of protection provided by the fiberglass reinforcement, you can trust that your feet will be shielded from harm. Don’t let safety be an afterthought – choose our safety shoes for reliable protection.

    EN ISO 20345:2011 Certified

    Rest assured that Silverstone Safety Shoes meet the highest safety standards with their EN ISO 20345:2011 certification. This mark of quality guarantees that these shoes have undergone rigorous testing and comply with essential safety requirements.

    T-01 Model

    The T-01 model of Silverstone Safety Shoes combines functionality with style, making them a versatile choice for any workplace. Whether on a construction site, warehouse, or manufacturing plant, these shoes offer the perfect blend of protection and flair.

    Upgrade your safety equipment with Silverstone Safety Shoes and enjoy a combination of comfort, protection, and style with every stride. Place your order now and walk with confidence into a safer work environment.

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