Smoke Alarm

• Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber technology
• Test and Hush features in a single button
• Test button verities battery and alarm operation
• Hush function temporarily silences unwanted alarms, low
battery indication and smoke chamber fault indication
• Loud 85 dB sounder to alert occupants
• No limit for interconnectable units using the wireless
transmission path
• Interconnectable smoke alarms configure into groups

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    smoke  detection  and  alarm  functions  within  a single  unit.
    Advanced  electronics  in  conjunction  with  a photoelectric  smoke  sensing  chamber  provide early  detection  of  fire  and  high  immunity 
    against  unwanted  alarms.
    Interconnectable  205  DC  smoke  alarms  use  a 
    wireless  transmission  path.  Configuration  into  a 
    group  ensures  that  other  units  within  radio
    signal  range  are  not  affected  by  a  test  or  fire 
    alarm  occurring  within  the  configured  group. 
    205  DC  smoke  alarms  are  powered  by  a
    long-life  lithium-ion  battery  and  do  not  require  a mains  supply.
    The  205  DC  smoke  alarm  is  suitable  for 
    general  residential  applications,  and  provides 
    home  owners  and  installers  with  an 
    easy-to-install,  long-life  solution  for  life  safety 
    and  property  protection  applications  .


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