Smoke Detector | Detector | Fire  detection

• Advanced algorithms provide analogue detection discrimination
• Surface-mount device (SMD) circuit board design
• High immunity against unwanted alarms
• Stable smoke sensing chamber. No adjustment or replacement required
• 2-wire and 4-wire models for DC 12 V and DC 24 V operation
• 4-wire model for DC 48 V operation
• 2-wire models available with remote LED output

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    SNC-300  non-addressable  photoelectric  smoke  detectors  are  state-of-the-art  detectors  suitable  for  connection  to  2-wire  or  4-wire SNC-300-C2
    non-addressable  fire  detection  control  and  indicating  equipment,  or  to  addressable  fire  detection  control  and  indicating  equipment  that
    can  accept  non-addressable  type  detectors. SNC-300-CL
    Advanced  electronics  in  conjunction  with  a  photoelectric  smoke  sensing  chamber  provide  early  detection  of  fire  and  high  immunity SNC-300-CR
    against  unwanted  alarms.


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