TS WINTER-Cold Weather | Orange | Safety Gloves

  • Polyester Terry Brush Construction: Provides fair cold protection.
  • 13GG + 7GG Double Seamless Shell: Ensures excellent wear fit.
  • Sandy Foam Nitrile Coating: Offers superior grip in oily conditions.
  • HI-VIZ Color: Enables quick and easy identification.
  • 13GG Orange Outer + 7GG Terry Brush Seamless Shell: Durable and robust.
  • Bottom Layer Orange Smooth Nitrile: Adds extra protection and durability.
  • Top Layer Black Sandy Foam Nitrile Coated Palm & Thumb: Ensures a superior grip.
  • Versatile Cold Weather Performance: Ideal for various work environments.
  • Optimal Comfort and Grip: Redefines cold weather safety standards.
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    TS WINTER-Cold Weather Safety Hand Gloves: Defying the Chill with Unmatched Comfort and Grip

    Innovative Construction Material: Polyester Terry Brush for Fair Cold Protection

    Crafted to combat the cold, TS WINTER safety hand gloves boast a Polyester Terry Brush construction material. This innovative choice provides fair cold protection and ensures flexibility and comfort in challenging winter conditions.

    Exceptional Comfort Fit: 13GG + 7GG Double Seamless Shell Construction

    The 13GG + 7GG double seamless shell construction ensures an exceptional comfort fit. Meticulously designed, these gloves provide excellent wear fit, allowing users to navigate through cold weather tasks quickly and flexibly.

    Advanced Coating Profile: Sandy Foam Nitrile for Superior Grip in Oily Conditions

    Equipped with Sandy Foam Nitrile coating, these gloves offer a superior grip, especially in oily conditions. The coating profile enhances performance, providing an excellent grip crucial in various work environments.

    Easy Identification: HI-VIZ Color for Quick Recognition

    TS WINTER-Cold Weather gloves are designed with a HI-VIZ color, ensuring easy identification. This feature adds to the aesthetics and serves a practical purpose, making the gloves stand out for quick and efficient recognition.

    TS WINTER-Cold Weather Features: Unveiling Unparalleled Protection

    • 13GG Orange Outer + 7GG Terry Brush Seamless Shell:
      • The distinctive shell construction blends 13GG orange outer and 7GG terry brushes seamlessly, providing a robust and durable structure.
    • Bottom Layer Orange Smooth Nitrile:
      • The bottom layer is coated with smooth orange nitrile, adding protection and durability.
    • Top Layer Black Sandy Foam Nitrile Coated Palm & Thumb:
      • The palm and thumb feature a top layer coated with black Sandy Foam Nitrile, ensuring a superior grip in various working conditions.

    Versatile Comfort and Grip: Redefining Cold Weather Safety Standards

    The combination of Polyester Terry Brush construction and Sandy Foam Nitrile coating results in gloves that provide fair cold protection and deliver a superior grip. TS WINTER-Cold Weather Safety Hand Gloves ensure your hands stay protected and perform optimally in complex and challenging work conditions.


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