Vaultex UBA Safety Boots – Brown

  • Breathable Genuine Leather with Cool Comfort Technique
  • Toe and Mid Plate.
  • Oil-Resistant.
  • Energy Absorbing Heels.
  • Padded Insole.

AED 65.00

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Introducing the Vaultex UBA Safety Boots, a pinnacle in safety footwear. Crafted with the highest quality materials and advanced engineering, these boots prioritize comfort, durability, and unparalleled protection in demanding work environments.

Breathable Genuine Leather with Cool Comfort Technique

Crafted from breathable genuine leather, the Vaultex UBA Safety Boots prioritize comfort and safety. Incorporating innovative cool comfort techniques, these boots ensure a breathable and comfortable experience throughout extended wear.

Toe and Mid-plate

Featuring robust toe and mid plates, these boots are fortified against potential crushing injuries caused by heavy objects. This structural design provides reliable protection, ensuring a secure shield in hazardous work environments.


Designed to withstand oils commonly found in various work settings, these boots are resistant to stains and damage from work-related oils. Their construction ensures longevity, retaining quality and performance even in challenging conditions.

Energy Absorbing Heels

Equipped with energy-absorbing heels, these boots offer exceptional support to arches and ankles. This feature significantly reduces the risk of sprains, providing stability and support in demanding work environments.

Padded Insole

The inclusion of a padded insole guarantees additional support and even weight distribution. This not only ensures enhanced comfort but also alleviates pressure from different parts of the feet, reducing fatigue during extended wear.

Additional information

Weight 1.70 kg
Dimensions 360 × 320 × 120 cm

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