Vaultex VBI Comfortable Work Shoes – Black

  • Breathable Genuine Leather
  • Cool Comfort Technique.
  • Oil Resistant.
  • Fibre Toe.
  • Steel Mid Plate.
  • Energy Absorbing Heels.
  • Padded Insole.

AED 35.00

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Introducing the Vaultex VBI Comfortable Work Shoes, meticulously designed with a myriad of features to elevate your work experience. Crafted from Breathable Genuine Leather, these shoes redefine comfort and functionality. Let’s delve into the remarkable features that set these shoes apart:

Breathable Genuine Leather: Prioritizing Ventilation

Crafted from Breathable Genuine Leather, these shoes ensure a constant airflow, keeping feet cool and dry throughout the day. Consequently, this innovative design fosters breathability, preventing moisture buildup and enhancing comfort during extended wear. Moreover, this feature guarantees a comfortable experience, especially during prolonged usage. Additionally, this feature ensures optimal air circulation, allowing feet to stay refreshed and preventing overheating.

Cool Comfort Technique: Regulating Temperature

Featuring the Cool Comfort Technique, these shoes employ cutting-edge technology to maintain a consistently comfortable environment for your feet. This advanced feature ensures your feet stay cool and relaxed, enabling you to focus on tasks without discomfort. Additionally, this technology facilitates a more enjoyable and stress-free work experience. Furthermore, this feature effectively regulates temperature, preventing overheating even during rigorous activities, ensuring your comfort all day long.

Oil Resistant: Protection Against Spills

Engineered to withstand various work conditions, these shoes are oil-resistant, providing unparalleled protection against slick surfaces. This remarkable feature enhances stability, reducing the risk of slipping in challenging work environments. Moreover, this resistance guarantees a safer working environment. Additionally, this quality ensures reliability, even in environments prone to spills, providing an added layer of safety and confidence.

Fibre Toe: Lightweight yet Robust

Equipped with a Fibre Toe, these shoes offer lightweight yet robust protection for your toes. This innovative material safeguards against impact and compression hazards without compromising comfort. Furthermore, this lightweight design ensures agility without compromising safety. Additionally, this feature ensures flexibility without compromising protection, allowing you to move freely and securely.

Steel Mid Plate: Added Defense

Featuring a Steel Mid Plate, these shoes provide reinforced protection against punctures and sharp objects in hazardous environments. This sturdy component ensures an extra layer of defense, enhancing safety in high-risk areas. Moreover, this additional defense mechanism offers peace of mind, especially in unpredictable work conditions, ensuring protection in every step.

Energy Absorbing Heels: Superior Support

The Energy Absorbing Heels offer exceptional support for arches and ankles, reducing strain during extended periods on your feet. Moreover, this support minimizes fatigue, allowing you to work comfortably for longer durations. Additionally, this feature provides unparalleled support, ensuring long-term comfort and stability throughout the workday.

Padded Insole: Enhanced Comfort

With a Padded Insole, these shoes provide additional cushioning and support, ensuring weight distribution is even for prolonged wear. This added support reduces pressure on certain areas of the feet, promoting comfort throughout the day. Furthermore, this insole guarantees lasting comfort even during extended wear, providing all-day relief.

These features collectively ensure the Vaultex VBI Comfortable Work Shoes offer innovative solutions for unparalleled comfort and safety in demanding work environments.


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