Viper Comfy Shoes | Safety Shoes

  • Viper Safety Shoes: Mesh textile and Velourtech suede leather construction.
  • Spyder Net three-dimensional textile for enhanced breathability and comfort.
  • Tyre Pu-Pu SRC outsole for excellent slip resistance and durability.
  • Fiberglass reinforcement for added protection and stability.
  • Txzero textile lining for moisture-wicking and odor control properties.
  • Compliant with EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards for reliable performance.
  • Available in sizes 36-47 for a perfect fit.
  • T-01 model designed for ultimate comfort and support.
  • Stay comfortable all day with these stylish and reliable safety shoes.
  • Ideal choice for those seeking comfy and protective footwear.
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  • Brand:Pezzol

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    Introducing the Viper Comfy Shoes, the ultimate combination of comfort and safety for your feet 

    These comfy shoes are designed with your utmost comfort in mind, ensuring that you can work all day without any discomfort. 

    Experience Unmatched Comfort and Style

    You absolutely need these shoes! They are made using the perfect blend of mesh textile and Velourtech suede leather, making them both stylish and breathable. Plus, they also feature Spyder Net three-dimensional textile to ensure your feet remain cool and dry, even during extended wear. Don’t wait any longer – get your hands on these shoes now!

    Protect Your Feet and Walk Confidently with Viper Shoes

    When it comes to safety, there’s no compromise. That’s why Pezzol integrated the revolutionary Tyre Pu-Pu SRC technology into their shoe’s outsole. With exceptional slip resistance, you can walk confidently and fearlessly, no matter the environment. And with a fiberglass toe cap, you’ll always be protected against impact. So, if you want to ensure your safety at work, these shoes are the perfect choice for you.

    Txzero textile for a perfect fit

    We know how crucial it is to find a shoe that fits you just right—moreover, incorporated with Txzero textile into the design of Viper shoes. Moreover, this material offers flexibility and adaptability, ensuring every wearer a snug and comfortable fit. Available in sizes 36-47, we have a size that will suit everyone.

    Ensure Optimal Foot Protection with EN ISO Certified Viper 

    Rest assured, these Viper Comfy Shoes meet the highest safety standards and are EN ISO certified, guaranteeing they have undergone rigorous testing to ensure optimal protection for your feet.

    Are you tired of uncomfortable and unsafe shoes? Look no further! The Viper Comfy Shoes are the perfect solution for you. Also, these shoes are designed to meet your needs with a combination of comfort, style, and safety. Don’t settle for anything less than the best for your feet. Step into a world of comfort and protection with the Viper Comfy Shoes. Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

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