WASHINGTON | Water Resistant Safety Shoes

  • Waterproof black PVC construction for durability
  • Protective steel toecap and stainless steel anti-penetration midsole for safety
  • Mesh to PVC laminate lining balances breathability and protection
  • Shock-absorbing virgin PVC outsole ensures comfort and durability
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    Unmatched Protection and Comfort: WASHINGTON Water Resistant Safety Shoes

    Waterproof Black PVC Construction

    The WASHINGTON Water Resistant Safety Shoes are crafted from durable, waterproof black PVC, offering a shield against environmental elements. This sturdy material ensures prolonged wear and defends against moisture-induced discomfort, promising lasting durability.

    Advanced Protective Elements

    Featuring a protective steel toecap and stainless steel anti-penetration midsole, these shoes prioritize safety without compromising comfort. This fortified design shields against impact and penetration hazards, ensuring utmost workplace safety.

    Innovative Lining Technology

    The inclusion of a mesh to PVC laminate lining provides an innovative balance between breathability and protection. Maximizing airflow while acting as a barrier against external elements, this advanced lining ensures dryness and comfort throughout the day.

    Shock-Absorbing Outsole for Superior Comfort

    Boasting a shock-absorbing virgin PVC outsole, these shoes redefine comfort during extended wear. This specialized material not only cushions against impact but also ensures long-lasting durability, perfectly suited for demanding work environments.

    Fusion of Uncompromising Protection and Comfort

    The WASHINGTON Safety Shoes blend advanced protective features with unparalleled comfort. From their waterproof PVC construction to the fortified protective elements, innovative lining, and shock-absorbing outsole, these shoes offer an amalgamation of safety and comfort for diverse work environments.


    Rock Fall

    Rock Fall


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