Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Polypropylene Cotton Sponge Universal Cartridges, Standard Pre-filter Yarn Sediment

  • Advanced Filtration: Polypropylene Cotton Sponge ensures thorough elimination of impurities.
  • Universal Compatibility: Standard pre-filter yarn sediment design fits various filtration systems.
  • Optimal Capacity: Each 10-inch cartridge, weighing 160g, offers efficient filtration.
  • Extended Use: A convenient pack of two cartridges ensures uninterrupted water purification.
  • System Longevity: Prevents clogging, contributing to the filtration system’s lifespan.
  • Easy Installation: User-friendly design facilitates hassle-free setup and replacement.
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    Water Filter Replacement Cartridges, designed for optimal filtration efficiency, deliver top-tier performance in ensuring clean, purified water for your household. These 10-inch Polypropylene Cotton Sponge Universal Cartridges stand as a reliable choice for maintaining the purity of your water supply.

    Superior Water Filter Technology: Engineered with cutting-edge filtration technology, these cartridges utilize a premium polypropylene and cotton sponge composition. This combination effectively eliminates impurities, sediments, and suspended particles, ensuring crystal-clear and safe drinking water.

    Universal Compatibility: Crafted as standard pre-filter yarn sediment cartridges, these 10-inch replacements fit universally into compatible filtration systems. Their versatility makes them a seamless replacement option, providing a consistent and reliable water purification solution for various systems.

    Optimal Water Filter Capacity: Each cartridge, weighing 160g, boasts an optimal filtration capacity. The innovative design ensures thorough purification, preventing the buildup of sediments and contaminants that could compromise water quality.

    Pack of Two for Extended Use: Presented in a convenient pack of two, these cartridges offer extended usability. This packaging allows for uninterrupted use while ensuring a consistent supply of clean, purified water for you

    Reliable Water Purity Maintenance: Replacement Cartridges not only maintain water purity but also contribute to the longevity of your filtration system. Their efficient filtration prevents clogging and extends the lifespan of the filtration setup.

    Easy Installation and Replacement: The user-friendly design facilitates hassle-free installation and replacement. With its straightforward process, these cartridges ensure convenience and efficiency in maintaining your water filtration system.

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    Weight 0.05 kg
    Dimensions 5 × 5 × 26 cm

    Thread, Foam


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