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– Easily connect to local WiFi network for convenient access
– Control on/off function, brightness, and colors with Smart Life app
– Compatible with Amazon Echo and Alexa for voice control
– Set personalized lighting schedules for added convenience
– Choose from various mood themes, colors, and brightness levels
– Suitable for indoor use with easy installation and low maintenance

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    Experience Intelligent Lighting Control with The 101 WiFi Smart Bulb

    Connectivity at Your Fingertips

    Transform your living space with The 101 WiFi smart bulb – your gateway to intelligent lighting control. This innovative device connects effortlessly to your local WiFi network, granting you unprecedented access to your lighting system. Say goodbye to traditional switches and hello to a world of convenience and customization.

    Seamless Control with Smart Life App

    Take charge of your lighting experience with The 101 WiFi Smart light and the Smart Life app. Effortlessly toggle the on/off function, adjust brightness levels, and choose from a spectrum of colors to set the mood. The intuitive interface puts sophisticated control at your fingertips, making it easy to create the perfect ambiance for any moment.

    Voice-Activated Convenience with Alexa Integration

    Elevate your smart home experience with The 101 WiFi Smart light’s compatibility with Amazon Echo and Alexa. Simply use voice commands to adjust your lighting settings, whether you’re relaxing at home or entertaining guests. Enjoy hands-free control and seamless integration into your connected ecosystem.

    Personalized Lighting Schedules

    Stay in control of your lighting even when you’re away with The 101 WiFi Smart light’s scheduling feature. Set automatic on/off times to match your daily routine, adding an extra layer of security and convenience to your home. Customize your lighting schedule to suit your lifestyle and enjoy peace of mind wherever you go.

    Immense Versatility and Easy Setup

    The 101 WiFi Smart light offers incredible versatility with selectable mood themes, colors, and brightness levels, allowing you to tailor your lighting to suit any occasion. Suitable for indoor use, this smart bulb is a perfect fit for any room in your home. With easy installation and low maintenance requirements, upgrading to smart lighting has never been simpler.

    Illuminate Your World with The 101 WiFi Smart light

    Enhance every aspect of your life with The 101 WiFi Smart light – the pinnacle of smart lighting innovation. Take the next step towards a connected home and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities. Make every moment brighter, more vibrant, and more memorable with The 101 WiFi Smart Light. Experience intelligent lighting control like never before.





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