Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) & its Key Benefits

January 1, 2023
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What is a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus?

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus is necessary for protection against hazardous chemicals, dust, gases, plant vapors, smoke, and other toxic gases. Firefighters or rescue workers mainly use this type of respiratory equipment when operating in harmful environments posing life and health danger. In addition, the SCBA breathing apparatus shall comply with the NFPA ® 1852 standard.

SCBA can be used during the following operations:

  • Firefighting and industrial operations
  • Rescue operations
  • Escape training
  • Chemical plants
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Hotels and other amenities

Key Benefits of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

  • Contributes the personnel with breathable air through a compressed air vessel
  • Adds the functionality of supplying air through a pneumatic system through hoses
  • Substitutes to ergonomics
  • Equipped with advanced innovative technology
  • Long-term durability through the exchanging functionality
  • Ensures safety and protection from hazardous gases
  • Constitutes air and oxygen breathing apparatus

H2AIM: Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

H2AIM is a pioneer leader in Fire Engineering, Safety Management, and NDT Solutions, which provides outstanding products and services up to mark with extensive safety standards worldwide.
Moreover, H2AIM is recognized as an authorized distributor of globally leading manufacturers of SCBA products. It provides different types of SCBA apparatus and breathing equipment that sets-forth standards and requirements in accordance with different industry specifications.

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