PVC & NBR | Anti-Slip | GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP | Safety Gloves

  • Cutting-edge design: Soft oil chemical-proof anti-slip gloves for cold weather.
  • Innovative construction: Polar fleece liner with PVC triple dipping for warmth and flexibility.
  • Active defense: PVC & NBR coating resists petrol, diesel, and various chemicals.
  • User-friendly: Velcro cuff ensures easy on and off with a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Elevate safety standards: Performance beyond expectations in every use.
  • Choose GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Anti-slip Gloves for unmatched safety and versatility.
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    Unmatched Safety with GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Anti-slip Gloves

    Discover a new level of safety with the advanced features of GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Anti-slip Gloves. These gloves, empowered by TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip technology, redefine safety standards, focusing on versatility, comfort, and active protection.

    Cutting-Edge Construction: Soft Oil Chemical-Proof  Cold Weather Design

    Embrace cutting-edge protection with a soft oil, chemical-proof, anti-slip design tailored for cold weather. The PVC & NBR coated glove, with a generous 26 CM length, ensures comprehensive coverage for enhanced safety in various working conditions.

    Innovative Design: Polar Fleece Liner with PVC Triple Dipping

    The innovative design incorporates a polar fleece liner with PVC triple dipping, offering a perfect blend of warmth, flexibility, and durability. This combination ensures that the gloves remain flexible and provide a soft touch, guaranteeing comfort during prolonged use.

    Active Defense: PVC & NBR Coating Resistant to Petrol, Diesel, and Chemicals

    Engage confidently in your tasks as the PVC & NBR coating actively resists petrol, diesel, and various chemicals. This active defense mechanism shields your hands and maintains optimal dexterity, making these gloves indispensable in chemical-intensive environments.

    User-Friendly: Velcro Cuff for Easy On & Off Lock Fitting

    Experience user-friendly convenience with the Velcro cuff feature, allowing easy on and off-lock fitting. This practical addition streamlines your work routine, saving valuable time while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

    Performance Beyond Expectations: Elevate Safety Standards Every Day

    GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Safety Gloves guarantee performance beyond expectations. Elevate safety standards daily with cutting-edge construction, innovative design, active defense against chemicals, and user-friendly features like the Velcro cuff. Choose these gloves for a safety experience that combines functionality, comfort, and active protection seamlessly.


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