Chemical grip PVC & NBR Water proof GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP | Safety Gloves

  • Precision-engineered with 15GG Nylon + 7GG Acrylic Double Seamless Shell for revolutionary construction.
  • Supreme flexibility and soft touch ensure optimal comfort during tasks.
  • Rugged defense with PVC & NBR coating resists petrol, diesel, and a spectrum of chemicals.
  • Lightweight marvel designed for waterproof cold protection with a 27CM length.
  • Unmatched performance elevates safety standards in all environments.
  • TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip PVC Gloves offer precision, confidence, and active safety in every wear.
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    TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip PVC Gloves: Precision in Active Safety

    Revolutionary Construction: Crafted with 15GG Nylon + 7GG Acrylic Double Seamless Shell

    Embark on a safety revolution with TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip PVC Gloves, boasting a revolutionary construction featuring 15GG Nylon + 7GG Acrylic double seamless shell. Moreover, this cutting-edge design epitomizes precision engineering, ensuring unparalleled protection in chemical-intensive environments.

    Supreme Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Glove Retains Flexibility and Soft Touch for Optimal Comfort

    Experience supreme flexibility at your fingertips as these gloves retain flexibility and provide a soft touch for optimal comfort.  Additionally, the innovative design shields your hands and ensures a cocoon of comfort, allowing you to tackle tasks efficiently.

    Rugged Defense Against Hazards: PVC & NBR Coating Resists Petrol, Diesel, and a Spectrum of Chemicals

    Engage confidently in tasks with the rugged defense of PVC & NBR coating, actively resisting petrol, diesel, and a spectrum of chemicals. These gloves form an impenetrable barrier, safeguarding your hands from potential hazards while maintaining optimum dexterity.

    Lightweight Marvel for Unmatched Protection: TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip Ensures Waterproof Cold Protection

    Discover a lightweight marvel with TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip PVC Gloves, meticulously designed for waterproof cold protection. The light yet robust PVC & NBR-coated glove, with a length of 27CM, sets a new benchmark in safety, offering comprehensive protection in challenging conditions.

    Unleashing Unmatched Performance: Elevate Your Safety Standards with Every Wear

    TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip stands tall, unleashing unmatched performance. From the revolutionary construction and supreme flexibility to the rugged defense against chemicals and the lightweight marvel for cold protection, these gloves actively elevate safety standards to new heights.

    TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip  – Precision and Confidence Combined

    In summary, TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip redefines safety with precision engineering, providing a revolutionary construction, supreme flexibility, rugged defense, and unmatched performance. Choose TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip for a safety experience that combines precision and confidence in every wear.


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