PVC & NBR | GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP | Black Gloves | Safety Gloves

  • Elevate safety and style with GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Black Gloves.
  • Cutting-edge TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip technology ensures top-tier protection.
  • Intelligently crafted design: 13GG black outer + 7GG thermal terry brush seamless shell.
  • Premium Polyester+Acrylic Terry Brush material for optimal cold protection and flexibility.
  • Redefined comfort with 13GG + 7GG double seamless shell construction.
  • Dynamic grip mastery with Rough Foam PVC-coated palm in oily and chemical liquid conditions.
  • Elevate your professional attire with confidence and elegance, combining function and fashion.
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    Revolutionize Safety and Style: GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Black Gloves

    Embark on a new era of safety and style with the groundbreaking GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Black Gloves. This cutting-edge fusion of advanced technology, comfort, and aesthetics promises an unparalleled user experience.

    Harnessing Advanced Technology: TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip

    Experience top-tier protection through the innovative TS CHEMIC-Chemical Grip technology, a cornerstone ensuring these black gloves safeguard against various chemical exposures in industrial settings.

    Intelligently Crafted Design: 13GG Black Outer + 7GG Thermal Terry Brush Seamless Shell.

    Immerse yourself in an intelligently crafted design featuring a 13GG black outer layer and a 7GG thermal terry brush seamless shell. Beyond elevating aesthetics, this design provides exceptional cold protection, guaranteeing warmth and comfort in diverse environments.

    Premium Cold Protection Material: Polyester+Acrylic Terry Brush

    Enjoy optimal cold protection with the premium construction material composed of Polyester+Acrylic Terry Brush. This defends against the cold and ensures flexibility, allowing for a comfortable and unimpeded grip in varied working conditions.

    Redefined Comfort: 13GG + 7GG Double Seamless Shell Construction

    Rediscover comfort with the redefined design of a 13GG + 7GG double seamless shell construction. This guarantees an excellent wear fit and fortifies the gloves, ensuring they withstand the rigors of prolonged use.

    Dynamic Grip Mastery: Rough Foam PVC Coated Palm

    Navigate oily and chemical liquid conditions with ease, thanks to the dynamic grip provided by the Rough Foam PVC-coated palm. This coating delivers an excellent grip and reinforces the gloves, extending their lifespan.

    Choose Confidence, Choose Elegance: Elevate Your Professional Attire with GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP 

    In summary, GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP Gloves redefine safety and style. Whether facing chemical exposures, cold weather, or oily conditions, these gloves prioritize safety while adding a touch of sophistication to your professional ensemble. Choose confidence and elegance – elevate your workwear with a pair designed to exceed expectations in both function and fashion.


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