Audio/Visual Alarm Base | Fire  detectors | Remote  indicator

• Visual, audible and audio/visual models available
• Audible alarm output adjustable up to 85 dB at 1 m
• Easy DIP-switch address setting
• Quick alarm and shadow addressable options are available.
• Optional isolator with both automatic operation and restore
• Compatible with either addressable or non-addressable
• Optional transparent or white cover to finish an installation
without a fitted detector.

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    The  683  addressable  audio/visual  alarm  base  is  a 
     loop-powered  device  that  provides  a  fire  alarm
    warning  to  building  occupants.  The  integration  of 
    the  audio/visual  function  with  a  detector  base  may 
    displace  the  need  to  install  separate  audio/visual 
    alarm  devices.
    Models  with  an  integrated  isolator  provides 
    electrical  isolation  of  loop  wiring  for  addressable 
    ifre  detection  control  and  indicating  equipment. 
    The  isolator  function  ensures  that  short-circuit 
    faults  in  the  alarm  zone  loop  wiring  disables  a 
    minimum  number  of  devices.


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