Construction Gloves | blue seamless shell | polyurethane GENERL DAILY PURPOSE

  • Construction Material- Nylon make glove extreme thin and highly comfort
  • Comfort Fit- 13GG seamless shell construction provides excellent wear fit
  • Coating Profile- Rough Polyurethane provide excellent grip in dry conditions
  • Liner Options- 13G / 15G and Nylon / Polyester seamless shell available
  • Color Options- White / Black / Grey
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    Construction Gloves: Unmatched Hand Protection

    Construction Material: Nylon for Unparalleled Comfort

    Immerse yourself in extraordinary comfort and durability. To begin, the Nylon construction of these gloves delivers extreme thinness without compromising on resilience, ensuring a glove that feels like a second skin while providing exceptional protection.

    Comfort Fit: 13GG Seamless Shell for Supreme Wear Fit

    Experience a seamless blend of wearability and fit. The 13GG seamless shell construction primarily guarantees a snug fit that conforms flawlessly to your hand’s contours, offering unparalleled comfort throughout extended wear.

    Coating Profile: Rough Polyurethane for Superior Grip

    Elevate your grip to a new level of excellence. Furthermore, the rough Polyurethane coating profile delivers an outstanding grip in dry conditions, empowering you with enhanced dexterity and control for precision tasks.

    Liner Options: Versatility Tailored to Your Needs

    Customize your safety according to your requirements. Opt for 13G or 15G options. Choose between Nylon or Polyester seamless shells. For instance, these gloves ensure the perfect combination of protection and flexibility tailored to match your needs.

    Color Options: Style Meets Safety

    Make a statement while staying safe. With color options available in White, Black, and Grey, personalize your gear without compromising on top-tier protection.

    These construction gloves redefine what it means to prioritize both safety and comfort. Notably, the Nylon construction ensures extreme thinness and remarkable comfort, making these gloves an ideal choice for various industries and tasks. Moreover, the 13GG seamless shell construction delivers an impeccable wear fit, while the rough Polyurethane coating profile enhances grip and precision.

    Customization is at the forefront, offering a spectrum of liner options and colors, ensuring your gloves suit your unique needs and personal style. From construction sites to precision tasks, these gloves don’t just protect; they empower you to work confidently and comfortably.


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