CO Detector

• Japanese Nemoto Electrochemical Accurate
• Detector auto-reset once gas levels fall below
alarm threshold levels
• 2-wire and 4-wire models for DC 12 V and DC
24 V operation
• Magnet-initiated alarm test function
• N/C or N/O alarm relay output
• Loud 85 dB internal sounder
• Connects to zone monitor for use with
addressable control and indicating equipment

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    400-series  non-addressable  carbon  monoxide  (CO)  gas 
     alarms  are  suitable  for  connection  to  2-wire  and  4-wire
    non-addressable  fire  detection  control  and  indicating 
    equipment  400  detectors  can  also  connect  to  2-wire 
    and  4-wire  addressable  fire  detection  control  and
    indicating  equipment  that  can  accept  non-addressable 
    Advanced  electronics  in  conjunction  with  a 
    semiconductor  gas  sensor  provide  early
    detection  of  carbon  monoxide  gas  and  high  immunity against  unwanted  alarms.


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