Chemical-resistant gloves | Waterproof | impact safety vinyl | GENERL CHEMICAL GRIP | Safety Gloves

  • Option 1-15GG Aramid liner provides 360° cut protection
  • Option 2-15GG Nylon liner provides 360° comfort fit
  • PVC coating is resistant to petrol, diesel, and many chemicals
  • Outstanding palm grip to handle slippery objects
    Powerful impact protective details on the back of hand
  • Wide cuff and glove length is 30cm
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    Chemical-resistant gloves: Unrivaled Hand Protection

    Option 1: 15GG Aramid Liner for Supreme Cut Protection

    Embark on an experience of 360° cut protection without compromise. The 15GG Aramid liner within these gloves provides an impenetrable shield against sharp materials and is a chemical-resistant glove, ensuring your hands are safeguarded in the most hazardous environments. Furthermore, pair this with a PVC coating resistant to petrol, diesel, and various chemicals, and you have a glove built to last in the toughest conditions.

    Option 2: 15GG Nylon Liner for Unmatched Comfort

    These gloves are more than just about safety; they redefine comfort with a 15GG Nylon liner that provides a tight, 360° fit. As a consequence, sliding into these gloves provides both protection and mobility. Furthermore, the expanded covering given by a broad cuff and a glove length of 30cm offers complete protection, even in the most delicate activities.

    Precision Design, Superior Protection

    Enhance your experience with improved palm grip and robust impact-resistant features on the back of the hand. As a result of the excellent grip, handling slippery things becomes easier, while the extra impact protection provides further defense against unanticipated mishaps.

    Versatile, Reliable, and Functional

    From heavy-duty industrial settings to intricate, precision-based tasks, these gloves adapt to your needs seamlessly. Combining the 15GG liners, PVC coating, and impactful design elements creates an unbeatable shield, ensuring your hands are protected without compromising flexibility or comfort.

    Empowerment Through Safety

    Elevate your safety standards with gloves that prioritize your well-being without sacrificing functionality. Consequently, these gloves aren’t just a shield but a statement of reliability and confidence. In essence, choose the gloves that redefine safety standards, ensuring your hands are always shielded and ready to tackle any challenge confidently and easily.


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