Cut resistant gloves| green seamless shell | GENERAL DAILY PURPOSE | Safety Gloves

  • Construction Material- Bamboo make glove moisture
    and highly comfort
  • Comfort Fit- 13GG seamless shell construction
    provides good wear fit
  • Coating Profile- Wrinkle Foam Latex provide
    excellent grip in wet conditions


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    Cut resistant gloves: TS GENERL-General Purpose, 13GG Green seamless shell, Green Wrinkle Foam Latex coated

    Construction Material: Bamboo for Unparalleled Moisture Control and Comfort

    Discover an unprecedented level of comfort and moisture management. The Bamboo construction material ensures a glove that feels supremely comfortable and effectively wicks away moisture, keeping your hands dry and comfortable during extended wear.

    Comfort Fit: Precision 13GG Seamless Shell Construction

    Experience a glove that fits like a second skin. The 13GG seamless shell construction guarantees an exceptional wear fit, conforming seamlessly to your hand’s contours for unmatched comfort and unrestricted movement.

    Coating Profile: Superior Grip in Wet Conditions with Wrinkle Foam Latex

    Upgrade your handling, especially in wet environments. The Wrinkle Foam Latex coating profile offers an exceptional grip, providing confidence and control while handling tasks in slippery or damp conditions.

    The Bamboo construction material stands as a testament to comfort and moisture control. Furthermore, the precision-engineered 13GG seamless shell construction ensures a glove that fits flawlessly, offering unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement.

    The Wrinkle Foam Latex coating profile is a game-changer in grip technology, especially in wet conditions. This feature ensures stability and control, making these gloves an indispensable asset in environments where a reliable grip is crucial.

    Experience a new standard in comfort and functionality with Cut resistant gloves. Their moisture-wicking properties, exceptional comfort, precision fit, and superior grip in wet conditions, make them an ideal choice for various industries and tasks.


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