Water Leakage detector

• Operates in water depths exceeding 2 mm
• Operates from an external DC 12/24 V supply
• Flashing red LED quiescent condition indicator
• Loud 85 dB internal alarm sounder
• Sounder automatically resets when water is no
longer detected
• Dry-contact relay output model available for
connection to other equipment
• Interconnect up to 38 units together
• Remote LED output model available
• Audible and visual low battery indication

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    404 Water Alarm: Your Essential Water Leakage Detector

    • Operating in Diverse Water Depths

    Rely on its reliability. This water leakage detector detects water depths exceeding 2 mm, promptly identifying potential leaks.

    • External Power Compatibility

    Seamless power supply. It flawlessly operates from an external DC 12/24 V source, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted monitoring.

    • Visual Quiescent Indicator

    Stay informed at a glance. A flashing red LED is a quiescent condition indicator, providing immediate visual cues even in standby mode.

    • Robust Audible Alarm

    Swift and effective alert system. Featuring an 85 dB internal alarm sounder, this detector ensures audibility, promptly alerting in case of water detection.

    • Automated Reset Mechanism

    Streamlined functionality. The sounder automatically resets without detected water, ensuring ongoing reliability.

    • Versatile Connectivity Options

    Flexible connections. The dry-contact relay output model seamlessly integrates with other equipment, enhancing overall efficiency.

    • Expandable System Integration

    Scale your safety measures. Interconnect up to 38 units together, creating a comprehensive network of water leakage detection throughout your space.

    • Remote LED Output Capability

    Enhanced visibility. Opt for the remote LED output model for added visual indicators, ensuring increased monitoring convenience.

    • Battery Status Alerts

    Continuous monitoring assurance. Audible and visual low battery indication guarantees proactive maintenance for uninterrupted operation.

    Audible and visual low battery indication ensures proactive maintenance for uninterrupted operation, guaranteeing continuous monitoring assurance.


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