Sophisticated Control | Smart Plug | WiFi smart socket | Numen sockets

  • Seamless connectivity via local WiFi network
  • Intuitive control through Smart Life—Smart Living app
  • Integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa for hands-free control
  • Shareable access for multiple users
  • Convenient scheduling of on/off times
  • Built-in countdown timer for energy efficiency
  • Customizable device names for easy identification
  • Manual control option for added flexibility
  • Designed for indoor use with low maintenance requirements
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  • Brand:NUMENS

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    Introducing Numen Sockets: Revolutionize Your Home with the 103 WiFi Smart Plug

    Upgrade your living space with the cutting-edge technology of the 103 WiFi Smart Socket by Numen Sockets. This innovative smart plug seamlessly integrates into your home, providing unparalleled convenience and control over your electrical devices. Say goodbye to traditional outlets and embrace the future of home automation with our state-of-the-art smart plug.

    Experience Ultimate Connectivity

    Connectivity is key, and the 103 WiFi smart socket offers seamless integration into your home network. By connecting to the internet via your local WiFi network, you unlock a world of possibilities right at your fingertips.

    Empower Your Control with Smart Phone App

    Take charge of your home like never before with our intuitive Smart Life—Smart Living application. From the palm of your hand, you can effortlessly toggle devices on and off, customize schedules, and even set countdown timers for added convenience.

    Seamless Integration with Amazon Echo and Alexa

    Experience true hands-free control by connecting your 103 WiFi smart socket to Amazon Echo and Alexa. Effortlessly control your devices with simple voice commands, making everyday tasks a breeze.

    Shareable to Multiple Users

    Keep your entire household connected and in control with the ability to share access to the smart plug with multiple users. Whether it’s family members or housemates, everyone can enjoy the benefits of a smarter home.

    Effortlessly Schedule On/Off Times

    Take the hassle out of managing your devices with the ability to schedule on/off times. Whether it’s setting your lights to turn on at sunset or ensuring your heater kicks in before you get home, the 103 WiFi smart socket makes it easy to automate your home.

    Countdown Timer for Added Convenience

    Never worry about leaving devices running unnecessarily with the built-in countdown timer feature. Set the timer to automatically turn off devices after a specified period, helping you save energy and streamline your daily routine.

    Customizable Device Names for Easy Identification

    Personalize your smart home experience by assigning custom names to your devices for easy identification. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to seamless control with the 103 WiFi smart socket.

    Manual Control for Ultimate Flexibility

    Enjoy the flexibility of manual control when you need it most. With the 103 WiFi smart socket, you have the power to manually toggle devices on and off directly from the app, giving you ultimate control at your fingertips.

    Designed for Indoor Use with Low Maintenance

    Rest assured knowing that the 103 WiFi smart socket is designed for indoor use, making it the perfect addition to any room in your home. Plus, with low maintenance requirements, you can enjoy the benefits of a smarter home without the hassle.

    Upgrade your home with the Numen Sockets 103 WiFi Smart Plug and experience the future of home automation today. Embrace convenience, connectivity, and control like never before with our innovative smart plug solution.





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