Flame Detector

  • Cutting-edge Detection: Equipped with high-sensitivity UVtron sensor tube technology for accurate flame detection.
  • Precise Detection: Solar blind with an electronic filter, eliminating false alarms triggered by natural phenomena.
  • Reliable Performance: High immunity to electrical noise and RF interference ensures consistent operation.
  • Swift Response: Fast response time and wide field of view for rapid and comprehensive flame identification.
  • Flexible Installation: Polarity-insensitive design allows versatile installation orientations.
  • Operational Versatility: Available in 2-wire and 4-wire models for DC 12V/24V operation, offering relay output and auto-reset options for enhanced functionality.
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    Advanced Safety Technology: 401 Non-addressable Ultra-violet Flame Detector

    High Sensitivity UVtron Sensor Tube Technology

    Cutting-edge detection. Equipped with high-sensitivity UVtron sensor tube technology, this detector ensures swift and accurate detection of flames, providing heightened safety in critical environments.

    Solar Blind with Electronic Filter

    Precision in detection. Featuring solar blind capabilities and an electronic filter, this detector eliminates unwanted alarms triggered by natural phenomena, ensuring precise flame detection without false alarms.

    High Immunity to Electrical Noise and RF Interference

    Reliable performance. With high immunity to electrical noise and RF interference, this detector maintains consistent and accurate operation, even in environments with high electrical activity, ensuring reliable flame detection.

    Fast Response Time and Wide Field of View

    Swift and comprehensive detection. The fast response time and wide field of view enable rapid flame identification across a broad area, ensuring prompt action during critical situations.

    Polarity Insensitive for Versatile Installation

    Seamless installation flexibility. Polarity insensitivity streamlines installation processes, allowing for versatile and hassle-free installation in various orientations.

    Options for DC 12V/24V Operation and Relay Output

    Adaptability in operation. Available in 2-wire and 4-wire models for DC 12V and DC 24V operation, with 4-wire models offering N/O alarm relay output for enhanced functionality.

    Auto-Reset Feature for Enhanced Functionality

    Convenience and reliability. 4-wire models with an auto-reset feature ensures continuous operation without manual intervention post-alarm events.

    This 401 Non-addressable Ultra-violet Flame Detector employs cutting-edge UVtron sensor tube technology, ensuring precise and swift flame detection while eliminating false alarms. Its solar-blind capabilities, high immunity to interference, and versatile operational options make it a reliable and crucial safety asset in critical environments.


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