Fire Alarm Bell | 440 non-addressable  alarm  bells

  • Operates when the supply voltage is connected
    to the device
  • Compatible with relay outputs from control and
    indicating equipment, or from an output module
    connected to addressable alarm circuit wiring
  • DC 24 V operation
  • Loud sound output of 95 dB at 1 m
  • Zero current load in quiescent condition
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    440 Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Bell: Your Audible Safety Assurance

    Seamless Operation with Voltage Connection

    This fire alarm bell operates seamlessly once the supply voltage is connected. This ensures immediate readiness to alert in case of emergencies without additional complexities.

    Enhanced Compatibility for Versatile Use

    Compatible with relay outputs from control and indicating equipment, or when connected to an output module via addressable alarm circuit wiring. This compatibility ensures its integration into various fire alarm systems for comprehensive safety coverage.

    Efficient DC 24V Operation

    Operating on a stable DC 24V supply, this alarm bell guarantees reliable performance and consistent signaling readiness in critical situations.

    Powerful Sound Output for Prompt Alert

    Respond swiftly to alerts. Emitting a loud sound output of 95 dB at 1 meter, this bell ensures clear and penetrating alerts, enabling immediate responses and evacuation in emergency situations.

    Minimal Quiescent Current Load

    Stay efficient without compromise. In its quiescent condition, this alarm bell maintains a zero current load, optimizing energy usage and ensuring minimal power consumption when not in active alarm mode.

    The 440 Non-Addressable Fire Alarm Bell is engineered for efficiency and reliability. Its seamless operation upon voltage connection, compatibility with diverse systems, DC 24V operation, powerful 95 dB sound output, and minimal quiescent current load make it a dependable safety measure for immediate and effective fire alerting in critical situations.


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