Water Leakage Sensor

  • Advanced electronics for swift water detection in high-risk areas
  • Operates in depths exceeding 2mm, ensuring comprehensive coverage
  • Powered by a replaceable DC 9V battery with low power consumption
  • 85 dB internal alarm sounder lasting up to 72 hours for immediate alerts
  • Automatic reset upon water absence, enhancing reliability
  • Dry-contact relay output for seamless integration with security systems
  • Capability to interconnect up to 38 units, expanding coverage efficiently
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    Water Leakage Sensor 204

    Swift Detection, Immediate Alert

    Equipped with advanced electronics, this detector swiftly identifies water presence in high-risk zones like sinks, laundry areas, or bathrooms. Its internal battery ensures uninterrupted operation while the dry-contact alarm relay output integrates seamlessly with security systems, offering a comprehensive safety shield.

    Features for Assured Protection

    • Detects water in depths exceeding 2 mm: The detector boasts susceptible sensors adept at swiftly identifying water accumulation beyond 2 mm depths. This ensures early detection in critical areas like basements, kitchens, bathrooms, or around appliances prone to leaks.
    • Powered by a replaceable DC 9V battery with low power consumption: Operating on a replaceable 9V battery, the device offers extended usage without frequent replacements. Its low-power design optimizes energy, ensuring prolonged functionality.
    • 85 dB internal alarm sounder for up to 72 hours: Upon water detection, the unit emits a robust 85 dB alarm that persistently alerts for up to 72 hours. This powerful alert ensures immediate notification of water presence, even in noisy environments.
    • Automatic reset when water is no longer detected: Once the water subsides, the detector intelligently resets itself, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This automated reset feature offers continuous monitoring without interruptions.
    • Dry-contact relay output model for additional connectivity: Enabling seamless integration with external systems like security setups, the dry-contact relay output enhances its adaptability, facilitating broader connectivity options.
    • Capable of interconnecting up to 38 units: Its interconnection capability allows the integration of up to 38 teams, establishing an extensive network for comprehensive coverage across larger areas or multiple zones, ensuring no corner goes unchecked for potential leaks.

    Effortless Setup, Superior Reliability

    The Water Leakage Sensor 204 provides rapid and dependable water detection, making it an indispensable safety measure for residential and commercial spaces. Its user-friendly design and robust features offer unmatched peace of mind against potential water-related risks.


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