Bolivar Welder Boots | Safety Shoes

  • Water resistant Idrotech leather for ultimate durability and protection.
  • Unlined design for a comfortable and breathable fit all day.
  • Icon Pu-Pu SRC sole for superior slip resistance on any surface.
  • Fiberglass PZX construction for added strength and stability.
  • Txzero textile material for lightweight and flexible performance.
  • Meets EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards for reliable protection.
  • I-01 certified for exceptional quality and performance assurance.
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  • Brand:Pezzol

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    Introducing the Bolivar Welder Boots – the ultimate footwear for welders and industrial workers 

    Durable, precise, and comfortable. These welder boots withstand the toughest conditions, protecting your feet.

    Water-Resistant and Breathable Boots for a Productive Workday

    These boots are made from water-resistant Idrotech leather which keeps your feet dry and protected from moisture. The unlined design allows for breathability, preventing sweat and odor buildup even during long hours on the job, ensuring a comfortable and productive workday.

    Excellent Slip Resistance and Stability with Icon Pu-Pu SRC Outsole and Fiberglass PZX Shank

    These boots have an Icon Pu-Pu SRC outsole that offers exceptional slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidents. They also have a fiberglass PZX shank that provides excellent stability and support, allowing you to confidently maneuver through various work environments.

    Highly Breathable and Safe Work Boots with Txzero Textile and EN ISO Certifications

    The inclusion of Txzero textile further enhances the breathability of these boots, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day. With the EN ISO 20345:2011 and I-01 certifications, you can trust that these boots meet the highest safety standards, providing reliable protection against impact and compression.

    A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

    In addition to their impressive functionality, the Bolivar Boots exude a convincing style that sets them apart. With their sleek design and attention to detail, these boots make a statement while ensuring your safety and comfort.

    Choose the Bolivar Boots for the perfect combination of style, durability, and protection. Invest in these boots today and experience the difference they make in your work life.

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