Top Six Reasons to Upgrade Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System

August 9, 2022
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We all are familiar with how a fire breakout is unpredictable. Especially when it comes to a commercial kitchen or may it be any residential kitchen. A kitchen catching fire can be extremely dangerous and disastrous at the same time, prevention before time is beneficial to avoid any chaotic situation. It may be taken into consideration, any potential aspect that may initiate fire should be detected and eliminated beforehand. Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss six major reasons that make it mandatory to upgrade your kitchen fire suppression system.

A kitchen fire suppression system prevents fire from spreading to other premises in your building from the kitchen area. When you have a kitchen fire suppression system in place, you can feel more at ease knowing that the fire will be contained and not spread throughout the building. Considering the prevalence of kitchen fires, it’s no wonder kitchen fire suppression systems are important fire safety tools. By adding an appropriate system to your facility, you will ensure safe cooking in your establishment because using an outdated system may lead to problems. Properly installed fire suppression systems keep dangerous elements out of your kitchen in case of a fire.

It is a good initiative to ensure your kitchen fire suppression is the best of all. Following are six reasons to upgrade your system:

Worn-out parts: With time kitchen fire suppression systems get worn parts easily which may portray a direct indication to upgrade your system.

Frequent Breakdowns: Worn-out parts of your system, if not properly checked can cause frequent breakdowns. The situation at intervals makes upgrading your kitchen fire suppression system mandatory.

The completed lifespan of the system: All kitchen fire suppression systems do not last forever. They complete their desired lifespan. Once the lifespan is up, a fire suppression upgrade will be due within the given time.

Fire codes updated: Codes and standards are set from the very beginning and do not change However, some fire codes are altered and compiled accordingly. To follow the updated fire codes kitchen fire suppression systems should be upgraded accordingly.

Building parts up-gradation/renovation: Often after some years buildings are renovated or some parts of the building are upgraded due to which it may no longer be compatible with your current kitchen fire suppression system.

Incompatible system: After performing a retrofit recently, there may be some incompatible components. Your system may need to be upgraded again for fire safety to be restored.

Cost-efficient Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

The costs of repairing structural damage after a kitchen fire are much lower if you prevent them in the first place. Consequently, many business owners value their security when installing a fire suppression system. Your building’s occupants are not only protected, but you limit fire damage to individual surfaces as well. 

In comparison with fire extinguishers and fire blankets, a kitchen fire suppression system is more effective and safer. The fire that is spreading into ducts and the canopy of a kitchen can be extinguished without the presence of an operative. Furthermore, it enables the kitchen to be cleaned up immediately, allowing normal operations to resume within hours.

Consequently, your property and staff are less likely to suffer damage and your commercial impact is lessened.


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