Explosion-proof Flame Detector

• Dual wavelength infrared and solar blind
ultraviolet models available
• High immunity to electrical noise and RF
• Fast response time
• Wide field of view
• 35 m detection range
• Adjustable 5-point sensitivity levels
• Advanced signal algorithm running on a 16-bit
• 2-wire system operation
• DC 24 V operation
• N/O alarm relay output

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    The  405  non-addressable  explosion  proof  flame 
    detectors  are  suitable  for  connection  to  2-wire
    non-addressable  fire  detection  control  and  indicating 
    equipment,  or  to  addressable  fire  detection  control  and 
    indicating  equipment  that  can  accept  non-addressable 
    type  detectors.
    Dual  wavelength  infrared  or  solar  blind  ultraviolet 
    models  make  the  405  flame  detectors  suited  to
    applications  where  flames  rapidly  develop  due  to  the nature  of  the  combustible  materials,  such  as  where petrochemical  products  are  used  or  stored.


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